The Corsair Group contributes to remove and recycle millions of tons !



We influence companies and individuals to reduce their plastic footprint by offering them neutrality packages.

We offer you an opportunity to improve your financial and personal situation, regardless of your Race, Religion, Education or Gender

Many advantages for companies and individuals to buy a plastic neutrality package...

A concrete gesture of social and environmental responsibility.

Companies, join the movement by becoming plastic neutral. Boost your image in the eyes of your customers, investors, the general public, employees, job seekers, etc.
Beyond the little blue bin in the cafeteria!

We invite people to join our sales force and receive generous commissions. A good strategy to fight inflation.

How ?
As simple as ABC

A. Companies and individuals buy a plastic neutrality package with the aim of cleaning up the planet.

B. Subsequently, the Corsair Group gradually removes and recycles kg of plastic waste from our planet, on behalf of the applicant.

C. Finally, companies and individuals gradually receive plastic credits that can be exchanged on digital platforms, under the supervision of a prestigious international global environmental audit firm TÜV SÜD. Transparency and integrity.

Buying a plastic neutrality package: a logical and inexpensive choice with many advantages!

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Experienced, stable and credible leaders including a Quebecer with many achievements.

I feel invested in a cause simply WOW

Rock Berard,


Executive Director - Canada