After having trained more than 15,000 students, coached more than 1,000 managers and professionals, and advised nearly 100 large-scale business owners, I dedicate myself to a larger-than-life project:
Engage individuals, families and businesses to help us clean the planet of plastic waste.

What pride it would be to have a factory in Quebec to become THE showcase in North America.
To have such an important mission for the good of the planet and to allow ordinary people to benefit from it.
Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters in Human Productivity Management.
More than 16 years as a high-level manager in human resources management

Active consultant in HR and management with dozens of companies since 2008.

Distinguished teacher and lecturer in the public and private sector for over 30 years.

A traditional SOLO sales force + some concepts and advantages to promote teamwork - if you wish.
In an increasingly individualistic society, it's fun to have a common project. Work with positive people, encourage each other as a gang, go at your own pace. No pressure.
Amplivo Canada: the power of networking.

I am more stimulated than ever. After due diligence, professional validations and collaboration with relevant authorities, I feel comfortable sharing a great opportunity.
My faith is such that I have invested hours of discussion, research and validation...and tens of thousands of dollars in professional fees.

I've been putting my heart into it since the beginning of 2022 with credible and spotless partners.

Amplivo Canada is a hybrid model that uses the concept of traditional sales (commissions on your sales and your efforts) and encourages people to work as a team to go further and faster!
In fact, Amplivo Canada is part of a conglomerate of industrial companies that promotes plastic neutrality.
Take the time to discover our positive and fundamental differences.

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