After having trained more than 12,000 students, coached more than 1,000 managers and professionals, and advised nearly 100 large-scale business owners, I dedicated myself to a larger than-life project : 

Encourage individuals, families and businesses to reduce their plastic footprint.  


Why not set up a factory in Quebec to become a showcase in North America.

It's good for the planet, animals, businesses, you me and NPOs !
Kill six birds with on stone.

Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters in Human Productivity Management. 

More than 16 years as a high-level manager in human resources management

Active consultant in HR and Management with several companies since 2008

Distinguished teacher and renowned speaker in the public and private sector
for over 30 years.

A traditional sales force + a clever mix of concepts and advantages borrowed from
MLM companies (without the irritants) to promote teamwork, personal development, etc.

Several of my current best friends come from joint projects: Normand, Richard, Steve and Steve, Dominique, François, Dean, Sylvain, JP, Evens, etc.

In an increasingly individualistic society, it's fun to have a common project. Work and encourage each other as a gang, go at your own pace. No pressure.

Amplivo Canada is not a traditional MLM company...
Amplivo Canada is a hybrid model that uses the concept of traditional sales (commissions on your sales and your efforts) and a very positive concept borrowed from the MLM sector: building and developing a team without having an employee/employer relationship in order to reach even more compensation.
In fact, Amplivo Canada is part of an industrial conglomerate that uses part traditional selling and some positive MLM concepts to promote plastic neutrality.
Take the time to discover our positive and fundamental differences.

Why this opportunity more than others ?

A WOW mission 
No obligation and no pressure sales 
 Your success

The mission speaks to you...

I coach well-known and important businessmen and women to grow their businesses...

Would you like me to coach you to improve the fate of the planet and YOUR fate at the same time? As a team !

Make an appointment with me, without pressure, I will explain some simple and fun concepts. 

Contact me

I am more stimulated than ever. After due diligence, professional validations and collaboration with relevant authorities, I feel comfortable sharing a great opportunity.
My faith is such that I have invested hundreds of hours of discussion, research and validation... and tens of thousands of dollars in professional fees.

I've been putting my heart into it since the beginning of 2022 with credible and spotless partners.

Can I buy a plastic neutrality package without becoming an influencer? Of course !

Becoming plastic neutral is both smart and pays off on an environmental and monetary level. Don't be afraid to talk about it.

We are seriously starting our activities in
North America.

Do you know what it means to be part of the pioneers in Canada and in the Americas?

Join a community of over 60,000 people around the world who share our mission. Plus factories and partnerships all over the globe that helps cleaning the planet of plastic waste.