The Corsair Group anticipated the plastic waste crisis and turned it into an oppotunity...
For them and also for you.


 Three easy steps



Take the time to tour the website, listen to a few videos, read the blog articles.
Make your own validations of the problem of plastic waste!
You should be able to quickly understand the seriousness and the magnitude of Corsair's project...
You will feel that your success is within your reach...
Simple and easy to replicate.



Depending on YOUR availability, you will schedule a 60 minute Zoom meeting with me.

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We'll take a quick tour of the project together, I'll answer your questions. You will see my skills as a coach and teacher ðŸ˜‰
You will understand the simplicity of the project, the ease of replicating the recipe for success around you. 
I will pass on to you my why, my passion and my energy.



In a few clicks, I register you in my team.
No purchase necessary, only a one annual fee of 30€ to have access to your virtual office and you are launched.
You decide whether you operate solo or in a team like me. No pressure selling.  
You will receive exceptional support.
You will gradually get generous compensation for sharing a wow mission.
Corsair empowers people like you and me to influence many small-to-medium sized businesses, organizations, individuals and families to reduce their plastic footprint, all at a fraction of the cost. (see the different packages offered below)

In return, you get an interesting compensation. Long live networking.
Already over 70 000 influencers in Asia and Europe.  We are just opening the North American Market !

Plastic Neutral Packages available

Être influenceur et avoir quelques conversations peut devenir intéressant car Corsair offre une compensation très généreuse.  Une commission pour chaque forfaits vendus.

*Le nombre de kilos par forfait et de crédits plastiques peuvent légèrement varier selon les fluctuations du taux de change €/$ et les coûts de transformation au moment de l'achat.

The mission speaks out to you ?
Be part of my team of influencers.

1. Become a plastic neutral individual or family - nothing more to do!
 2. With my support, influence companies to become plastic neutral and receive generous commissions.
3. Influence individuals, friends, families to become plastic neutral and receive even more generous commissions. 
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Let's not be afraid to talk about the environment and money.
Corsair has a business model that is both simple and promising for the future of our planet. 
Plastic neutrality packages will be available soon.
Plastic credits are issued gradually following a purchase.

Inspiritional interview with the CEO of Corsair 

In 2023, more than 50,000 kg will be removed and recycled under my name, i.e. the footprint of 10 people over 100 years.

Proud contributor to the health of the planet !

More than 7500 kg of plastic waste will be removed under my name, ie the footprint of 2 persons for 75 years.

Proud contributor to the health of the planet !

Will you be the next ?

An you?

Already several profitable factories 

Corsair's traditional sales force is calling on very large companies to reduce their plastic footprint.

Already several factories in operation or about to be in Asia, Europe and elsewhere in the world. We will be present on all continents by 2030.

Objectives: More than 100 factories in 81 countries.

Already dozens of Asian companies are starting their plastic neutrality


Zoom presentation live on demand

Short presentation of the project and I answer your questions. 30 minutes of simplicity and pleasure.  Invite your friends.

No admission in the Zoom classroom after 5 minutes late.

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