The plastic waste crisis transformed
into an opportunity.


The amount of plastic generated on the planet will double by 2030 and triple thereafter.
Less than 10-20% of plastic waste is actually recycled.
Plastic pollution has become a major environmental issue.

My visit to Thailand - April 2023

How do we recycle plastic waste into less harmful biofuel
4 interesting minutes!

Plastic waste is delivered to our factories or removed from landfills, and then recycled. Without harmful fumes, we obtain a certified biofuel.

ISCC certified biofuel sought by petrochemical companies - new regulations in force in Europe.

Companies producing plastics will be forced by law to use more and more recycled plastic for the production of new plastic.

The independent ISCC PLUS certification ensures that a company meets globally recognized requirements for environmental and social sustainability, voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and traceability throughout the supply chain.
Corsair received this prestigious certification after an independent audit lasting six months!

Already factories in Asia, Finland and soon in Italy.
More than a hundred to come all over the world.

Alone, we are words...
Together, we are a poem.

The mission speaks to you

Three ways to contribute

1. Become a plastic neutral individual or family by purchasing a package - nothing more to do.

2. For business - buy a package to reduce or eliminate your plastic footprint. Excellent strategy to improve your corporate, social, environmental image and especially your Employer Brand.

3. Become an influencer (no pressure selling) with your employer, businesses in your neighborhood, organizations, small businesses - and you will be rewarded.

Inspirational interview with the CEO of Corsair

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Custom Zoom Presentation with Rock

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