The Corsair group anticipated the plastic waste crisis and turned it into an opportunity.

Corsair influences big business.
YOU solicit small and medium-sized businesses and individuals.
Simple and fast. Huge potential.
A few hours a week is enough:

Just share with a company (and individuals) the 3 or 4 main advantages of reducing their plastic footprint;

Do a few follow-ups and the wheel starts spinning;

Help companies and individuals to register and make their payment;

Collect 12% of your sales and even more if you work as a team (not mandatory but what a leverage effect)!

Improve your lot in this more difficult time in terms of the economy.

After two years of operations in Southeast Asia, a project that is gaining momentum all over the globe

Both simple and promising for the future of our planet.

Expansion in Europe and America for 2023... 140 ZERO emission factories by 2030.

The Corsair Group believes it has the best business concept to help the planet: 
Efficient technologies, serious partners, certifications, many positive relationships with government authorities in several countries, a team of seasoned managers, already profitable, a hybrid sales force, an efficient ecosystem.
Started in Thailand in 2020, progressing in Asia and Europe since 2021, the project will expand to America and elsewhere in the world in 2023.
Both simple and promising for the future of our planet, animals and humans.
Individuals, families and companies can finally participate concretely in the mission.
Unfortunately, billions of tons of plastic pollute our beautiful planet... the accumulation continues to increase year after year.
For decades, many industrialized countries have been exporting their waste to Asia...and counting.

Each year we produce more tons of plastic waste than the sum of the weight of human beings on earth.

The amount of plastic waste will double within 10 years and triple within 20 years.
Citizens and companies can finally become "plastic neutral".

Companies will have more and more legal obligations to use biofuel and recycled plastic.
Europe has already legislated... the rest of the world will have to follow, our health is at stake.
Corsair has technologies and certifications to recycle plastics more healthily and not burn them.

ISCC Certification
(6 months audit)

Without harmful emissions, Corsair and its partners recycle plastics into biofuel that is much less polluting and highly sought after by many partners.

This avoids pumping and transforming crude oil
(much of the pollution occurs during processing).

The credibility of Corsair: world-class partners, customers and suppliers.

Soon an international accounting office will audit certain internal and external operations with partners to ensure data integrity.
Different sources of income allow Corsair to offer generous incentives to influencers who promote the project to individuals and businesses (SMEs) - we don't do pressure selling - we inform people
Revenue from the sale of much less polluting, high value-added biofuel to partners who must use our unique type of biofuel.

Revenue from the sale of plastic neutrality packages to remove and recycle plastic waste for individuals, families and businesses who wish to become "plastic neutral".

The Ethereum Blockchain is used as a database to issue digital receipts transparently on the blockchain = a CSR ERC-20 token.

How do we recycle plastic waste - 4 interesting minutes

Plastic waste is removed from nature and transformed - without harmful fumes - into biofuel.

This biofuel is sought after by companies that must use it to meet new regulations.

The CEO on the field
The independent ISCC PLUS certification guarantees that a company meets globally recognized environmental and social sustainability requirements, voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Corsair received this prestigious certification after an independent audit lasting almost six months.
Already several factories in operation or about to be in Asia, Europe and elsewhere in the world. We will be present on all continents by 2030.

Objectives: 144 factories in 81 countries.
Already dozens of Asian companies are starting their plastic neutrality.

The mission speaks to you
Three ways to contribute

1. Company - we calculate your plastic footprint and go, we reduce it. Excellent strategy to improve your corporate, social, environmental image and especially your Employer Brand.
2. Become a plastic neutral individual or family - nothing more to do.
3. Become an influencer (no pressure selling) - and get rewarded.
I want to know more

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Plastic neutrality packages will be available from mid-January 2023. Plastic credits will be issued gradually during the year.

In 2023, 50,000 kg will be removed. Plastic footprint of 10 people for 100 years
Proud contributor
In 2023, 7 500 kg will be removed. Plastic footprint of 1 person for 100 years
Proud contributor

Quebec companies, who will be the first to get that spot ? Who among you will be a pioneer in contributing and make your employees proud ?

What about you next?

Inspirational interview with the CEO of Corsair

Subtitled in French

Influencers, customers, suppliers, partners, cities and countries already trust us.
Take part, with us, in this concrete mission in order to improve the fate of the planet.

Easy to calculate your plastic footprint and determine how many kg you want to "erase" to help the planet.

A person disposes of around 50 kg/year of plastic waste, 500 kg over 10 years.

You can purchase an additional package at any time.

Why not recycle a little more kg to compensate for the others who are not yet in the movement?

The quantities of plastic kilos removed and plastic credits vary slightly depending on the €/$ exchange rates and processing costs at the time of purchase.

Zoom presentation live on demand

Short presentation of the project and I answer your questions. 30 minutes of simplicity and pleasure.  Invite your friends.

No admission in the Zoom classroom after 5 minutes late.

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